Miss Byrd

The following are a few notes of explanation regarding where I "go to class," and the reason for the blog.

Back in the summer of 2008 I was job-hunting without a clue what I wanted to do.  My only goal in life is to be a stay-at-home mom of as many kids as God will grant me; therefore, at the time, I had no great career aspirations.  Unfortunately, I also had no potential partner in my homemaking venture, thereby making the job a necessity.  I knew that I wanted a job that would challenge me, keep me active, let me go outside every now and then, and teach me something useful for future life.

For months I thought, searched, pondered, complained, griped, and, yes, prayed.  Then one night it hit me: "Duh! Get a job as a nanny!"  So I did a Google search for positions in my hometown and came up with zilch; but I did manage to find Great Au Pair and decided that it was worth a shot.  Within weeks I had a job offer and was on my way to live with a family of complete strangers.  But I trusted God to know what He was doing, and He didn't let me down.

My first position only lasted three months (no, I didn't get fired! the position was temporary); but it was an awesome three months, I learned a lot about how to interact with small children and those complete strangers turned into really good friends.

I'm now on my fourth position - the first two were found through the website, both live-in; the second two were found through friends, both live-out.  I've continued to be challenged, kept active, allowed outside to play, and I've definitely continued to learn.  But I love my job and wouldn't change my life right now for anything.  God still knows what He's doing and I still trust Him.

Now, the blog was started because I ran out of ideas for my other blog, and my two best friends began prodding me to post something after half a year of no new entries.  An idea was born, but it grew at an alarming rate and soon was too big for the existing blog; thus, Kiddos 101.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our class, and maybe even decide to sign up for a semester or more.  I'm told that the full 20 year program is well worth the cost, and that it'll be over before you know it.