Here's a list of the kids I use in my examples.  Not all have been referenced as of yet, but have a likelihood of being examined in the future.  Each of these kids has taught me a lot about life, myself, and kids in general.  I love each of them in their own way and don't regret a single minute spent in their company.  I want that to be clear, as much of what I post may give the opposite impression.  Kids are some of the greatest gifts God gives to us, and the rewards well out-weigh the exhausting roller coaster of daily difficulties.

Regarding names:
I'm only slightly paranoid about the use of my real name on the Internet - I know a dedicated hacker could learn anything he ever wanted to know about me no matter what precautions I took - but I decided that it would be rather irresponsible of me to go around posting things regarding the families that I work for without using pseudonyms.   Therefore, I will be known as Miss Byrd and the kids will be represented by the nicknames that I have given them - variations will be used, but they'll be clear enough not to cause confusion.

The Drama Sisters:
Miss Kitty (age 5/6 while in my care)
Princess (age 3 while in my care)

The Rough 'N Tumble Brothers:
Bouncey-Roo (age 4 while in my care)
Chuckle-Duck (age 3 while in my care)

The Adoring Siblings:
Bee-Bug (age 2)
Chunky Monkey (infant)